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CIA offers advice to those affected by Storm Ciarán

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CIA offers advice to those affected by Storm Ciarán

In the months following Storm Ciarán, our specialist team at Channel Islands Adjusters saw unprecedented levels of new cases hitting our desks. We reported a 600% increase in new cases, the equivalent to six months’ worth of cases, in just three weeks. As 2024 progresses, we are continuing to help hundreds of home and property owners, some of whom have seen their properties devastated by unprecedented levels of damage.

Our field adjusting team of Richard Headington, Josh Smith and Ellie Smith spent much of their time between the islands in the immediate aftermath of the storm, a challenge in itself in the depths of winter when daylight hours are at a minimum. However, the team still managed to visit 95% of cases within days and, just weeks later, we had issued reports to insurers on 90% of Storm Ciarán cases.

In the immediate aftermath of the storm, which battered the Channel Islands at the beginning of November 2023, the team visited every type of building imaginable from a donkey shelter, pig sty and warehouse to large estates, listed buildings, farms, schools, stables and garages. Richard says it was a shocking level of damage, even for a seasoned professional.

“Having more than 36 years’ experience in this profession, I have dealt with some very major fire, flood and water damage claims. However, I don’t think much could beat the damage a tornado force wind is capable of wreaking. When I arrived at one property in Jersey to find the entire roof ripped off and everything inside destroyed, it truly took my breath away. The level of devastation we’ve seen is unprecedented in my career to date.”

Throughout the period of intense work, the company’s team and their technology carried Channel Islands Adjusters through. Finance Director Julie-anne Headington says:

“Our company motto is ‘Because…it happens’ and the last few weeks have been testament to just how unpredictable life can be. Tracy, our Operations Manager, has been integral in collating all the information to ensure that claims are logged, policyholders contacted, and claims progressed. Thankfully, our amazing team of professionals are trained to tackle intense periods, backed up with a technology and administration system we designed ourselves, which helps us all get through the long days.”

The challenge to remedy the damage and find alternative accommodation for those who need it will continue throughout 2024 and perhaps beyond. Richard says this is one of the benefits of the company’s local expertise,

“Being a company born and bred in the Channel Islands allows us to truly understand the unique landscape. The communities in all our islands pulled together fantastically, but there will still be challenges in securing trades such as scaffolders and roofers, who are in short supply.”

We are hopeful that that repairs in Guernsey will be complete within by the end of Autumn 2024, but expect that it could take longer in Alderney and Sark, where the challenge of transporting materials becomes more difficult. When it comes to Jersey, our team expects those most badly affected will be out of their homes for the majority of 2024 and perhaps into 2025.

Drone photography kindly provided by Clicksmith

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