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Your local experts in navigating property claims with precision and empathy

Attention to detail, diligence and outstanding customer service are our guiding principles and we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards we can deliver.

As a team of Chartered Loss Adjusters, we are led by our professional code of conduct. We pride ourselves on having a team who are not just professional, but also friendly, helpful and empathetic. We take an individual approach to every case, knowing that the policyholders we work with are often living through difficult events. We are committed to making their experiences as smooth as possible, often under exceptional circumstances.


To check that the loss or damage falls within the terms of the insurance policy.


To check that the policy cover is adequate and to investigate whether there are grounds to pursue recovery action.


To check that the amounts being claimed are fair and reasonable and all valid items have been included.


To advise on insurance policy cover and make recommendations regarding payments to insurers.

Our process

Our years of experience in the industry have led us to define a clear system, which we follow diligently with every claim.

Why work with us?

Expertise & qualifications

We are the most qualified team in the Channel Islands with four Loss Adjusters in our ranks, three of whom are Chartered. Every single member of our team holds professional qualifications.

Unrivalled network

As the only independent Loss Adjusters in the Channel Islands, we offer unmatched access to a comprehensive network of local insurers and contractors. This extensive network has been built up over decades and is invaluable within the local construction industry with its unique demands. Added to that is our decades of local knowledge and expertise, which is a key benefit to insurers and policyholders alike.  

Rapid response

Our location at the heart of the islands means that we can mobilise our team to be on the scene within hours of taking a case. When Storm Ciarán ripped through the Channel Islands, we travelled by plane, boat, car and tractor to visit 95% of cases within days. 

Local insight

We understand how the challenges of facilitating remedial works can be particularly difficult in our smaller and more remote islands, where access and transportation can be tricky.

Our commitment

Our team of experts uphold the highest professional standards whilst acting with compassion, diligence and empathy, to settle claims as swiftly and efficiently as possible. 

Empowering us: the right tools for every claim

Our processes are backed up with the latest technology, which we have developed to enable on-site evaluation, data capture and report generation. Alongside Tiara Consultants Ltd, we created our bespoke software package ‘Go Create’ in 2007 to specifically cater to the needs of our team and the Channel Islands market. As technology has advanced, so has the software, and we have continuously upgraded and developed the programme to ensure it caters for the ever-changing world we live in, offering the insurance industry ingenuity, speed and efficiency.

Thank you for your time this morning, in what is a very stressful situation you both have put our minds at ease.

Your assistance has been greatly appreciated through an unpleasant experience.

We are very grateful for the smooth process and look forward to returning home soon. Warm regards and thanks to the whole team!

Thank you for your help with these claims. You’ve been very helpful along the way with explanations and guidance, we do appreciate it.

I have been very pleased with the way that the claim has been managed by Josh and yourself.

Thank you for all your help with sorting our flat roof. It is lovely to be back to normal.

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