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Latest insights & community impact


As a locally born and bred company, we are passionate about our island communities. We have pleasure in pledging our ongoing support through giving of our time and funding to several projects and organisations, namely:

CIA offers advice to those affected by Storm Ciarán

In the months following Storm Ciarán, our specialist team at Channel Islands Adjusters saw unprecedented levels of new cases hitting our desks. We reported a 600% increase in new cases, the equivalent to six months’ worth of cases, in just three weeks. As 2024 progresses, we are continuing to help hundreds of home and property owners, some of whom have seen their properties devastated by unprecedented levels of damage.

CI Adjusters partner with PPBF to celebrate 20-year anniversaries

In 2024, a new partnership was launched between the Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation (PPBF) and Channel Islands Adjusters to celebrate both organisation’s twenty-year anniversaries.

Announcing our ongoing community support for 2024

We love to champion local causes and our small team are incredibly proud to support several initiatives that are close to our heart. Whether we are shaking buckets, exercising our artistic skills, or looking after life-saving equipment, our community projects say a lot about us and our approach to helping others. Here is a quick run down of our plans for 2024.


Our Finance Director, Julie-anne, was named as a finalist in the UK’s 2018 Women in Finance ‘Rising Star of the Year’ award.

Our ongoing commitment to personal development

Since we opened our doors in 2004, it is hard to remember a time when one – or all – of us, were not studying to gain professional qualifications. We are passionate about our professional development and helping others to develop their skills.

Find out more about our community projects, latest qualifications and news and views by clicking on any of the stories below:

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